Friday, February 2, 2024

Alien Vampires -Far Away- (Xperiment RMX)


The Italian duo Alien Vampires has released a re-edition of their great album Harshlizer through Alfa-Matrix label. The physical edition includes 2xCD featuring the track 'Far Away' remixed by Xperiment. If you couldn't get the Japan edition released years ago through Death Watch Asia, that's a great opportunity to get the original album and a second CD full of remixes from great artists! Remember that you can listen the full track on Spotify NOW!

Visit the Alfa Matrix store to get your copy now! Thank you for your support!


Tracklist CD1

01 No Way Back
02 Evil Bloody Music
03 She's On Drugs (More Than Me)
04 See You In Hell (Feat Suicide Commando)
05 Harshlizer
06 Industrializer
07 Before It's Too Late
08 Lies
09 Control The Universe
10 Fearless
11 Death March
12 Far Away
13 Entity
14 Nothing To Lose
15 Her Blood Into My Veins

Tracklist CD2

01 Fucked On LSD
Evil Will Always Find U
03 Evil Bloody Music (Freakangel RMX)
04 She’s On Drugs (SAM RMX)
05 No Way Back (C-Lekktor RMX)
06 Harshlizer (Amgod RMX)
07 Evil Bloody Music (Acylum RMX)
08 She’s On Drugs (Chainreactor RMX)
09 Far Away (Xperiment RMX)
10 No Way Back (Preemptive Strike 0.1 RMX)
11 Evil Bloody Music (Llumen RMX)
12 She’s On Drugs (Neikka RPM RMX)
13 Lies (Reaxion Guerrilla RMX)
14 Harshlizer (Uberbyte RMX)
15 Far Away (Terrolokaust RMX)
16 No Way Back (Menschdefekt RMX)
17 Lies (Terrorkode RMX)

Saturday, October 29, 2022

C-Lekktor -Obsession- (Xperiment RMX)


The new album from C-Lekktor is called New World Disorder. The physical edition includes 2xCD featuring the track 'Obsession' remixed by Xperiment. This track is also available on the 'Bonus Track Edition' in digital format. Remember that you can listen the full track on Spotify NOW!

Visit the Alfa Matrix store to get your copy now! Thank you for your support!


Tracklist CD1

01 Countdown To Armageddon
02 Fire In The Hole
03 Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
04 House Of Pain
05 Eradication
06 Obsession
07 Insurrection
08 God Killer
09 Me
10 Death Dealer
11 Are You Ready For The Bass?
12 New World Disorder
13 Armed And loaded

Tracklist CD2

01 Obsession (Xperiment RMX)
02 House Of Pain (Centhron RMX)
03 New World Disorder (ESA RMX)
04 Are You Ready For The Bass? (Nevel RMX)
05 Obsession (Llumen RMX)
06 Eradication (Circuito Cerrado RMX)
07 House Of Pain (The Psychic Force RMX)
08 God Killer (ShynthAttack RMX)
09 New World Disorder (Venal Flesh RMX)
10 Obsession (Neikka RPM RMX)
11 Are You Ready For The Bass? (Chamaeleon RMX)
12 God Killer (Nano Infect RMX)
13 House Of Pain (FabrikC RMX)
14 Eradication (Third Realm RMX)
15 Are You Ready For The Bass? (Aesthetische RMX)
16 God Killer (Miseria Ultima RMX)

Monday, September 24, 2018

Xperiment -Remixes + Feats-


I want to share with all Xperiment fans a new 12 track album including remixes of the project, vocal feats with another bands and unreleased mixes. Hope you enjoy with this free digital release. Spread the word sharing the album on your social networks!

Next stop, new studio album :)



01 Alien Vampires -Faraway- (Xperiment RMX)
02 Möndtraume Feat. Xperiment -Life Is Short- (1ST Version)
03 Terrorgazm -Rabid The Hatred- (Xperiment RMX)
04 Hexen Prozess -Funeral March- (Xperiment RMX) (Remastered)
05 Red-Line Feat. Xperiment -I Am Reality-
06 Kadaver Acht -Nachtwache- (Xperiment RMX) (Remastered)
07 Xperiment -Infection- (Areal Kollen RMX)
08 T-Error Machinez Feat. Xperiment -Lovers Cursed-
09 Turmion Kätilöt -Minä Määrään- (Xperiment RMX)
10 Alien Produkt -The Next Chapter- (Xperiment RMX)
11 Xperiment -The End Of An Era- (The Partyhouse Project RMX)
12 T-Error Machinez Feat. Xperiment -Lovers Cursed- (At0shima 3rr0r RMX)

Raining Blocks (Videogame Soundtrack)

(Videogame Soundtrack)

Xperiment has had the opportunity to produce two tracks for a retro style videogame! The game is called Raining Blocks and you can download Android and Steam versions, both for free! Also you can download the soundtrack accessing to the Xperiment official Bandcamp page. Enjoy!


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Xperiment -Visions Of Destruction- (2xCD) & (3xCD)


After 2 years of production, Xperiment attacks again with a new double CD album called Visions Of Destruction. The album includes 11 new tracks, 1 versus with X-Tropeaos, 1 track previously unreleased called 'Desafío' and 8 remixes from bands like Say Just Words, Antythesys, TraKKtor, Decayed Reflection, Hydra Division V...


The Special BOX Edition (limited to 100 units!!!) includes the original 2xCD edition plus a box with goodies like a notepad, stickers, magnet, a signed picture and the exclusive third CD featuring the track 'Asesino' from the first EP remastered and remixes from bands like Morte Infexion, Traumatize, Arian 1... Do you want it? RUN!!! If you can't get this edition, remember that you can also get it in digital format too.


Special BOX Edition in physical format is sold out!

Tracklist CD1

01 Where Is God?
02 Infection
03 Euthanasia
04 This Is War
05 Gritos De Violencia
06 The End Of An Era
07 Bloodgame
08 Mi Dominio (Tu Suicidio)
09 Inside The Flesh v2
10 Visions Of Destruction
11 Raíces

Tracklist CD2

01 Bloodgame (X-Tropeaos VS Xperiment)
02 Gritos De Violencia (Say Just Words RMX)
03 This Is War (Antythesys RMX)
04 Gritos De Violencia (TraKKtor RMX)
05 Infection (Decayed Reflection RMX)
06 This Is War (Red-Line RMX)
07 Gritos De Violencia (Hydra Division V RMX)
08 Desafío (Previously Unreleased)
09 Bloodgame (Andro-Dioxin RMX)
10 Gritos De Violencia (Nano Infect RMX)

Tracklist CD3 (Only available in Special BOX Edition)

01 Infection (Morte Infexion RMX)
02 Bloodgame (Siva Black RMX)
03 Asesino (Remastered)
04 Bloodgame (Schattenschlag RMX)
05 Infection (Traumatize RMX)
06 Bloodgame (Unsinn RMX)
07 This Is War (Arian 1 RMX)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alien Vampires -Far Away- (Xperiment RMX)


The new album from Alien Vampires called Harshlizer has been released by Alfa Matrix and Death Watch Asia (DWA) labels at the same time in Europe and Japan territories respectively.

The Japan edition includes the track 'Far Away' remixed by Xperiment on the second CD. No problem if you're not living in Japan because DWA label makes worldwide shippings! You can also get the album in digital format if you prefer it and remember to listen the full track on Spotify NOW!

Visit the Death Watch Asia store to get your copy. Thank you for your support!

Tracklist CD1

01 No Way Back
02 Evil Bloody Music
03 She's On Drugs (More Than Me)
04 See You In Hell (Feat. Suicide Commando)
05 Harshlizer
06 Industrializer
07 Before It's Too Late
08 Lies
09 Control The Universe
10 Fearless
11 Death March
12 Far Away
13 Entity
14 Nothing To Lose
15 Her Blood Into My Veins

Tracklist CD2

01 No Way Back (C-Lekktor RMX)
02 Far Away (Xperiment RMX)
03 Lies (Reaxion Guerrilla RMX)
04 No Way Back (Preemptive Strike 0.1 RMX)
05 Far Away (Arsch Dolls RMX)
06 Evil Bloody Music (Detroit Diesel RMX)
07 She's On Drugs (SAM RMX)
08 Far Away (Terrolokaust RMX)
09 Harshlizer (Cedigest RMX)
10 Lies (Eden Synthetic Corps REMIX)
11 Far Away (Mordacious RMX)
12 No Way Back (Menschdefekt RMX)
13 Lies (Terrorkode RMX)
14 Far Away (Demonoid 13 RMX)
15 Harshlizer (Vanished Empire RMX)