Saturday, December 4, 2010

Alien Vampires -Far Away- (Xperiment RMX)


The new album from Alien Vampires called Harshlizer has been released by Alfa Matrix and Death Watch Asia (DWA) labels at the same time in Europe and Japan territories respectively.

The Japan edition includes the track 'Far Away' remixed by Xperiment on the second CD. No problem if you're not living in Japan because DWA label makes worldwide shippings! You can also get the album in digital format if you prefer it and remember to listen the full track on Spotify NOW!

Visit the Death Watch Asia store to get your copy. Thank you for your support!

Tracklist CD1

01 No Way Back
02 Evil Bloody Music
03 She's On Drugs (More Than Me)
04 See You In Hell (Feat. Suicide Commando)
05 Harshlizer
06 Industrializer
07 Before It's Too Late
08 Lies
09 Control The Universe
10 Fearless
11 Death March
12 Far Away
13 Entity
14 Nothing To Lose
15 Her Blood Into My Veins

Tracklist CD2

01 No Way Back (C-Lekktor RMX)
02 Far Away (Xperiment RMX)
03 Lies (Reaxion Guerrilla RMX)
04 No Way Back (Preemptive Strike 0.1 RMX)
05 Far Away (Arsch Dolls RMX)
06 Evil Bloody Music (Detroit Diesel RMX)
07 She's On Drugs (SAM RMX)
08 Far Away (Terrolokaust RMX)
09 Harshlizer (Cedigest RMX)
10 Lies (Eden Synthetic Corps REMIX)
11 Far Away (Mordacious RMX)
12 No Way Back (Menschdefekt RMX)
13 Lies (Terrorkode RMX)
14 Far Away (Demonoid 13 RMX)
15 Harshlizer (Vanished Empire RMX)