Saturday, October 29, 2022

C-Lekktor -Obsession- (Xperiment RMX)


The new album from C-Lekktor is called New World Disorder. The physical edition includes 2xCD featuring the track 'Obsession' remixed by Xperiment. This track is also available on the 'Bonus Track Edition' in digital format. Remember that you can listen the full track on Spotify NOW!

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Tracklist CD1

01 Countdown To Armageddon
02 Fire In The Hole
03 Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
04 House Of Pain
05 Eradication
06 Obsession
07 Insurrection
08 God Killer
09 Me
10 Death Dealer
11 Are You Ready For The Bass?
12 New World Disorder
13 Armed And loaded

Tracklist CD2

01 Obsession (Xperiment RMX)
02 House Of Pain (Centhron RMX)
03 New World Disorder (ESA RMX)
04 Are You Ready For The Bass? (Nevel RMX)
05 Obsession (Llumen RMX)
06 Eradication (Circuito Cerrado RMX)
07 House Of Pain (The Psychic Force RMX)
08 God Killer (ShynthAttack RMX)
09 New World Disorder (Venal Flesh RMX)
10 Obsession (Neikka RPM RMX)
11 Are You Ready For The Bass? (Chamaeleon RMX)
12 God Killer (Nano Infect RMX)
13 House Of Pain (FabrikC RMX)
14 Eradication (Third Realm RMX)
15 Are You Ready For The Bass? (Aesthetische RMX)
16 God Killer (Miseria Ultima RMX)