Monday, September 24, 2018

Xperiment -Remixes + Feats-


I want to share with all Xperiment fans a new 12 track album including remixes of the project, vocal feats with another bands and unreleased mixes. Hope you enjoy with this free digital release. Spread the word sharing the album on your social networks!

Next stop, new studio album :)



01 Alien Vampires -Faraway- (Xperiment RMX)
02 Möndtraume Feat. Xperiment -Life Is Short- (1ST Version)
03 Terrorgazm -Rabid The Hatred- (Xperiment RMX)
04 Hexen Prozess -Funeral March- (Xperiment RMX) (Remastered)
05 Red-Line Feat. Xperiment -I Am Reality-
06 Kadaver Acht -Nachtwache- (Xperiment RMX) (Remastered)
07 Xperiment -Infection- (Areal Kollen RMX)
08 T-Error Machinez Feat. Xperiment -Lovers Cursed-
09 Turmion Kätilöt -Minä Määrään- (Xperiment RMX)
10 Alien Produkt -The Next Chapter- (Xperiment RMX)
11 Xperiment -The End Of An Era- (The Partyhouse Project RMX)
12 T-Error Machinez Feat. Xperiment -Lovers Cursed- (At0shima 3rr0r RMX)