sábado, 27 de febrero de 2016

Xperiment -Visions Of Destruction-


After 2 years of production, Xperiment attacks again with a new double CD album called Visions Of Destruction. The album includes 11 new tracks, 1 versus with X-Tropeaos band, 1 track previously unreleased called 'Desafío' and 8 remixes from bands like Say Just Words, Antythesys, TraKKtor, Decayed Reflection, Hydra Division V and other great artists. The physical edition available at Disconexus and Bandcamp includes all the lyrics and artwork into the booklet.

Tracklist CD1

• Where Is God?
• Infection
• Euthanasia
• This Is War
• Gritos De Violencia
• The End Of An Era
• Bloodgame
• Mi Dominio (Tu Suicidio)
• Inside The Flesh v2
• Visions Of Destruction
• Raíces

Tracklist CD2

• Bloodgame (X-Tropeaos VS Xperiment)
• Gritos De Violencia (Say Just Words RMX)
• This Is War (Antythesys RMX)
• Gritos De Violencia (TraKKtor RMX)
• Infection (Decayed Reflection RMX)
• This Is War (Red-Line RMX)
• Gritos De Violencia (Hydra Division V RMX)
• Desafío (Previously Unreleased)
• Bloodgame (Andro-Dioxin RMX)
• Gritos De Violencia (Nano Infect RMX)